2018: Looking Ahead to the New Year and the Next Book

With the September 2017, publication of my second book, “The Passage Home to Meuse” and having completed revisions and release of the second edition of the first book, “The Lavender House in Meuse”, it is time now to look ahead to the next book.  That means research, research, research and making notes, notes, and more […]

Hot off the Press!

Receiving a box of “hot off the press” books is exciting!  I carry that box from the porch into the house and try and try to pull back the thick cardboard flaps realizing that if I just went and got a tool,  the box would already be open.  Peeling back the thick white paper to […]


I am not Jewish.  At least not in this life.  In writing my second book, I am including a chapter in which the main characters celebrate the Friday ritual of Shabbat.  Shabbat is the Friday night ritual performed either in Synagogue, in a larger community, or at home beginning with the lighting of the candles […]

Creative in LaConner

This past Saturday I participated in a creativity workshop in LaConner, WA.  Sixteen women –  poets, novelists, playwrights, painters, actors, an astrologist, and others, gathered for the day to discuss the aspects of creativity and to focus on expanding and utilizing our creative interests and endeavors. As a writer, I find attending workshops such as […]

Remembering Verdun on Memorial Day

While we in the United States celebrated our Memorial Day this weekend, there were ceremonies throughout the world commemorating the lives lost by our United States military while supporting our allies in armed conflicts. In Verdun, France this past Sunday, French President Hollande and German Chancellor Merkel marked the 100 year anniversary of the Battle of Verdun.  […]

Book Two

The manuscript for my second novel is now in the skilled hands of my publisher.  She will do a first read, we will edit and then send the manuscript on for final edits.  I very much enjoy the editing process as it is very instructive and facilitates the creative process. Because of the editor’s input, […]

They’re back!

Have you noticed that the bees are back beginning their months of tireless work gathering nectar for their honeycombs?  In doing research for my first book, it was fascinating to learn that evidence of the domestication of bees is depicted in Egyptian hieroglyphics as early as 2422 BCE.  These same cave drawings show honey used […]


The lavender in my gardens is preparing to bloom. The chubby yellow and black bumblebees are flying around the lavender bushes impatient to gather its nectar. The honey bees as well flit from the pansies to snap dragons and then land on the still-closed blooms of the lavender. Everyday as I watch the bees and […]

Ten Days of Solitude

Writers often talk about where they write, what type of esthetic is most conducive for their writing, do they write every day and when they do write, do they do so in large chunks of time or brief periods as inspiration strikes. I have been in Dallas for what will be ten days this Friday. […]

Skagit Valley Writers

This has been a great week as a writer!  I completed another chapter of my next book and on Thursday I attended two writers’ events.  I attended my first meeting as a new member of the Skagit Valley Writers League (SVWL) where guest speaker, author Judith Works, spoke about the importance of conducting  impeccable research […]