Gail Noble-Sanderson, Author

Welcome to my blog page and thank you for checking in! This year of 2018, I’m trying to be consistent about posting blogs and keeping my website current, which includes listing upcoming book events and such. People blog for many reasons and certainly writers blog for many different reasons as well. For me, blogging lets my friends, family and fans know what’s up with my writing and what I am up to in my creative space.

Much research is required for each of my historical novels and I will be blogging about interesting finds along the way. I may also blog about gardening and cooking as those activities create a quiet space in my mind where my characters come make themselves known. I have composed many a scene while hoeing chicken compost in to my spring garden beds, digging up potatoes and carrots and making a stew or while harvesting bunches of lavender.

Please be sure to check out the “Upcoming Events” tab for times and places I can be found doing readings or events such as panels, art walks, and classes. Please, also, make yourself known. Authors LOVE to hear from readers. Comments, questions, critiques and inquiries are all welcome! Happy reading!!