Inspiration by Design

Last Sunday evening, two friends and myself had the pleasure of listening to Anne Lamont.  Anne, a gifted and prolific writer, shared her words of wisdom (doused with a generous dose of humor) to a sold out audience at Benaroya Hall in Seattle.  She talked about importance of hope and why to remain so, how […]

Women’s History Month

March is National Women’s History Month.  This Thursday, March 22 at 4:30 pm, I’ll be part of a three-author panel at the lovely Seaport Books in La Conner, WA, discussing the significance of telling history through the experiences, eyes and voices of women.  I am honored to be part of a group of authors commemorating […]

Making Time

  While I am researching and writing my next historical novel, I find that ideas for short stories continue to come to mind.  This usually occurs shortly after I wake up (sometimes I dream the stories). If I  take the time then and there, in that early morning fog-0f-mind, to make notes, especially writing down […]

Young Authors

Yesterday I spoke to at a group of middle school students at a Young Authors’ Forum. They were eager to hear and discuss the many aspects of writing, at least as many as could be covered quickly in an hour. They were in their classroom in an environment in which they trusted one another and […]

La Saint Valentin

 Thinking of all things French and Valentines today, I looked at the history of this day of love.  Many countries claim Valentine’s Day began in their realm.  Most likely, long ago during the Middle Ages, Valentine’s Day replaced a Pagan festival day of fertility, The Festival of Lupercalia (the time of year when birds were […]

Writing in the Rain

Rain is a way of life in the Pacific Northwest, part of our culture.  We are not a people of umbrellas, but more often a people with hooded coats.  Spring, summer and fall coats with hoods.  In the summer we wear our sunglasses to protect us from the brilliant sun that graces our lives July […]

Website Input Please

Updating my website and would so appreciate it if interested friends and family would take a look and provide feedback. Is the font large enough, are the colors pleasing, does the placement of the buttons, headers and sidebars seem logical? Is the site easy to move around in? I’m open to ALL input!! Thank you!!! […]

The Crazy Process of Writing

They say that the process of writing, putting words to print, is a solitary business and it is certainly a crazy business. Or rather, crazy making! I had planned for my next book to follow in proper time sequence after book two. Book two, “The Passage Home to Meuse” takes place over nine months in […]

2018: Looking Ahead to the New Year

With the September 2017, publication of my second book, “The Passage Home to Meuse” and having completed revisions and release of the second edition of the first book, “The Lavender House in Meuse”, it is time now to look ahead to the next book.  That means research, research, research and making notes, notes, and more […]

Hot off the Press!

Receiving a box of “hot off the press” books is exciting!  I carry that box from the porch into the house and try and try to pull back the thick cardboard flaps realizing that if I just went and got a tool,  the box would already be open.  Peeling back the thick white paper to […]