The Passage Home to Meuse (Book Two of The Lavender Meuse Trilogy)

The Passage Home to Meuse by Gail Noble-SandersonThe year is 1923 and the world continues its recovery from the ravages of World War I. In this second historical novel in the Meuse Trilogy, MARIE DURANT CHAGALL, now 27 years old, continues her own journey towards recovery, planning a return to nursing with a grand scheme of opening a rural health clinic, La Clinique Meuse.

Pressured by her Papa and sister Solange, now living in New York City, Marie reluctantly consents to a visit and sets sail on the beautiful SS Paris. Her experiences aboard ship, in America and in Paris at La Hospital Pitie-Salpetriere before returning home again to Meuse, propel her forward towards her destiny in ways she could not have imagined.

People from diverse and intriguing backgrounds and familiar characters from book one, The Lavender House in Meuse, journey alongside Marie, their own search for new beginnings often intersecting her own. The Passage Home to Meuse is a riveting account and vivid adventure of one woman’s tenacity and determination to take back her life ultimately finding the journey is the true destination.

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