During this time of renewal and reawakening after a year of solitude, I am excited and eager to get back in touch in so many ways with those I know and would love to know.

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Hello in July 2021

During these last weeks the Pacific Northwest (PNW) experienced extremely HOT temps! We occasionally have summer temperatures reaching into the 90’s but to have such withering heat in June is unusual. Around our home and property, husband Terry and I have been scrambling to keep the gardens – flowers and veggies, watered and our four sweet hens supplied with fresh water and cool sand in their shade box. We want to be good stewards of the water supply as well as keeping what we are responsible for alive! This will no doubt be more challenging for all of us in the years ahead.

Adventures in Writing!

My third book in the Lavender Meuse Trilogy series was published October 2020, and I submitted it into three categories of the Chanticleer International Book and Reviews contest.

In April I attended the Chanticleer Authors Conference and was, once again, thrilled at the level of expertise that was brought in to teach, mentor and share pertinent information with authors and publishers. Even with a virtual format, it was excellent and, because it was virtual, it was possible to have presenters and attendees from across the world be a part of this excellent three-day event. During the awards ceremony the last evening of the conference, I was so excited and so appreciative that my last book of the Lavender Meuse Trilogy, The Lavender Bees of Meuse won two first place awards. The three books won a first-place award in the series category.

Upcoming Book Events

My sister Kathleen will be arriving from Texas this Saturday and on Thursday, July 15, we will be traveling by ferry to Friday Harbor, WA and driving an hour from there to the beautiful B & B Family Lavender farm in Sequim, WA. Kathleen, who paints the beautiful covers for my books, and I will once again be “artists in residence” at the farm during Lavender Festival days on the island. The area is extraordinarily beautiful, and the B & B Farm is exceptionally outstanding. Check it out:  b&bfamilylavenderfarm.com Come visit and Kathy will sign one of her beautiful cards or paintings for you and I will autograph a book. We will be there from Thursday 7/15/21 through Sunday 7/18/21.

Book Readings and Recommendations

I am currently reading Paul Buford’s second book, Dirt, which blends the culinary history of France, with his interesting and often humorous experiences as a would-be-chef in the finest restaurants of Lyon, France. Burford’s first book, Heat which I enjoyed even more, told of his experiences in the fiery kitchens of famous restaurants in Italy as well as in private homes where making fresh pasta is traditional way of life. I learned more about the history and making of fresh pasta from the stories of his experiences with the, Nonnas, grandmothers, in their own kitchens than I have from all the many pasta cookbooks I have read. I would highly recommend these wonderful books!

Garden and Cooking Musings

Terry and I have many gardens on our property, both flower and vegetable. Every summer I try and grow “cold crops” – broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and Brussel sprouts. And every year the aphids come to eat. So this year, determined to grow these delicious veggies, I planted very early (in April) and each day sprayed as soon as the heads appeared with a recipe of essential oils. I also planted marigolds (which are supposed to repel aphids) around the periphery of all the plants. I felt good about this; confident that this year would be the year for harvesting the cold crops. But, alas, as with every year, the aphids appeared as soon as the hopeful heads of cauliflower and broccoli made their appearance.  Dang! If anyone has ideas regarding avoiding this aphid scenario, I would appreciate hearing from you!

Granddaughter Marin came down to the house last week and we made French baguettes. This was her first time making the bread and I was so hoping they would turn out for her as well as they have for me. I sent her two videos to watch in preparation for our cooking day and set up our cooking stations the night before. During the three risings of the dough (all rising went well), we watched the delightful movie “Julie and Julia”. The movie follows the period in time (1950’s) when Julia Child, along with two other women, wrote the famous cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. The movie also parallels the cooking life of young Julie Powell who, for one year (2002) prepared all 524 recipes in Child’s book and blogged about her experiences. I highly recommend the movie for anyone who enjoys the art of cooking.

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 Merci!  Gail

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