Below is the first of several blogs I will be posting which follows my  journey through eastern France including both Marseille and Verdun, the places where my book, “The Lavender House in Meuse” begins and ends:

Bonjour from France! Yesterday we wandered along the roads south of Verdun that parallel the River Meuse exploring the small towns and villages all along the way. At a small market we purchased meat, cheese, a fresh baguette and a cluster of grapes. We found a spot on the riverbank and had our lunch as we watched young boys fishing from atop an ages old bridge across the river. The water was crystal clear and although the fish were rising and easy to see swimming in the clear water, no fish were caught. The young boys were so busy in their horseplay and laughter, I don’t think they realized their lines remained empty. The land in this area is all under cultivation and reminds us of our own farmland at home. The crops are all harvested here and the hay is stacked in the fields. And the river runs through each small community as it has for centuries. Many a boy has most likely caught many a trout from atop the bridges of each small town.

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