The manuscript for my second novel is now in the skilled hands of my publisher.  She will do a first read, we will edit and then send the manuscript on for final edits.  I very much enjoy the editing process as it is very instructive and facilitates the creative process. Because of the editor’s input, I also find I become better at refining my own work before sending it off to them.

During the editing process of my first book, “The Lavender House in Meuse”, both my publisher and editor encouraged me to expand the plot of the story and further develop my characters.  I felt they gave me permission to write as much detail as I could and this was very freeing as I had a tendency to worry that my readers would not want “too much” information.  I have no such worries now and stay open to what comes through my pen and trust the editing process seeing it as an opportunity to make a good book better!



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