This Friday I’m headed to Dallas to visit my mother and sister Kathy and her family.  You may recall that Kathy illustrated the beautiful covers for my book, “The Lavender House in Meuse”.  Last time I visited, Kathy and I spent many wonderful hours collaborating on what the covers would look like and as she drew and painted, I worked on edits of the book.

During this visit we will once again spend time doing what we love – Kathy painting and me writing.  We will discuss the cover for my second book and as she sketches possibilities, I will continue writing.

In the meantime, the “The Lavender House in Meuse” continues to be available on Amazon and the reviews have been so positive!  If you have read it and have the time, please do go to Amazon and add your review.  If you haven’t read it, would love to have you do so and welcome all feedback!

So Dallas, here I come! I look forward to basking in the warm temperatures and the love and fun of family together.

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