This morning I have been exploring the blog posts of other authors and their comments about the new year as it relates to their writing. Some feel energized to begin anew and committing to so many pages a week or starting that new chapter or story.

I felt energized yesterday and the weekly schedule I wrote for myself includes certain days of the week dedicated to writing those pages and chapters of my next book, and another day for blogging and social media work and one for chores and catch-up.

But today, a dedicated writing day, I find that I am avoiding getting down to the real work of writing down the words. Part of the reason is when I go to that place in my mind to write, I want to stay there for days at a time and not concern myself with things like eating or sleeping or taking care of everyday necessary “needs to get done” type of tasks. I do try to have those necessary to-dos completed before I start to write but often I let them entice me away from the act of writing.

And that is my conundrum. It is hard to begin the process of pen to page and hard to leave it once I am transported to that other place. This year of 2016, I hope to find that balance between the creative and the practical. What are you hoping to balance in 2016?

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