Receiving a box of “hot off the press” books is exciting!  I carry that box from the porch into the house and try and try to pull back the thick cardboard flaps realizing that if I just went and got a tool,  the box would already be open.  Peeling back the thick white paper to reveal the book’s bright cover, my heart gives a leap as I slowly pick up the top book, bring it to my nose to smell the wonderful aroma of ink as I sift through the pages.  The reality of this second book, “The Passage Home to Meuse” is even more exciting than the first.  I feel more confident, feel more legitimate as a writer, and also as someone who is figuring out the art of self-publishing.

I make a cup of coffee and walk around the house till the grounds steep, still amazed that the book in my hands is real. The brilliant cover is matte smooth and silky to the touch; my sister’s beautiful artwork the door to the story inside.  My coffee poured into its cup, I sit and slowly turn the crisp pages one by one thankful that the project has come to fruition.  Grateful for all the support of friends and family and the wonderful writers of history from which we can glean so much wisdom and information.

This Friday, 8/25,  is the first event where this bright shinning new book will first be shared with others.  I’ll be at the Fairhaven Arts Walk at A Lot of Flowers from 5 – 8:30pm.  Stop by if you can.  I’ll be baking lavender shortbread this week to share with you.

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