Although the phrase, “It takes a village” has been around for a while, it doesn’t make it any less true.  This is certainly the case when you indy- publish.  You must surround yourself with people you trust and whose expertise you admire as you develop your publishing Team.  Your first readers, often family and author friends, who give you honest input, are vital as you write your first drafts.  Your editor, someone you must trust wholeheartedly and be able to openly collaborate with, is an integral part of the writing process. The skilled typesetter is an artist and must take all you submit, including your cover art, and create accurate files you will then upload for printing. The company you choose to work with to print and distribute is one in which you need to understand inside and out as you order your books, create financial reports and utilize marketing strategies with them as appropriate. And your cover artist must truly see your story, share your vision for its portrayal on the covers and be willing to make changes as your visions mesh. And having help regarding all things techie who happens to be a social media guru is always beneficial.  At least until you can figure it out yourself. Or until these wonderful peeps understand your brain will never really figure out (or care to figure out) wiz-its and plugins and their expertise is invaluable.

And then the joy is receiving your books on your doorstep and having them received by book stores, shops, libraries, etc. and  signing then for your readers, speaking at events, networking and finding the support of other like-minded authors who are on this same self-publishing journey.  And of course, not to be left out, is having a side-kick who is willing to sit with you as you research, brainstorm, plot and write – as well as helping you sign your books.  Rudy the cat, as you can see from the picture, loves the writing and publishing process as much as I do.  Thank you to all who are on my Team.  We have a GREAT Village!!

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