Thinking of all things French and Valentines today, I looked at the history of this day of love.  Many countries claim Valentine’s Day began in their realm.  Most likely, long ago during the Middle Ages, Valentine’s Day replaced a Pagan festival day of fertility, The Festival of Lupercalia (the time of year when birds were mating) – how appropriate!  And conveniently there were at least two martyred Catholic priests named Valentine who the church claimed as the Patron Saint of this day of love.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many countries across the world and written expressions were sent to one’s object of affection as early as the 1400’s.  During that time, it was thought inappropriate to express such sentiments of feeling and emotion out loud to one another and should rather be done so by the written word.

Today, world wide, more than 1 billion Valentines are exchanged.  Let’s celebrate, today more than ever, our loving concern for one another.  And thus, I wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day accompanied by this written HUG!




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