We spent our last two days in France in the port city of Marseille. Marseille is the 2nd largest city in France, has the 3rd largest deep water port and is home to a multi-cultural population and 70 consulates. Marseille was settled in approximately 600 BC. There are still tall ramparts and ruins from ancient times standing beside more recent structures such as 16th and 17th century churches and 18th and 19th century buildings where most of the population lives in apartments. The city is alive and fluid! Stepping out the doors of our hotel we must quickly join the throngs of flowing people speaking many languages other than French. It was thrilling to walk the streets up from the waterfront to the area where the people in my novel, Marie, Solange and their Papa would have lived in the late 1800”s till after WW1. I feel so very blessed to have made this trip and to confirm and validate all that “The Lavender House in Meuse” has to share with the reader.

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