As a newly published author, I am very fortunate to have patient and helpful instructors (my publisher and editor) helping me to navigate, understand and jump (ok – maybe walk briskly)¬†into the real world of publishing books. Authors in today’s very competitive market must be willing and able to promote their own books – not just write them. It is important to create, build and maintain a social media platform which, if done well, will help build relationships with readers and other authors to become part of a broader reading and writing community which provides mutual support and information sharing as well as building your audience.

I am not what one would call a “techie” but I am learning. I am now comfortable with Facebook, my Amazon Author Page, Goodreads and my website (, posting blogs like this one and being part of a writers community such as Writers 2.0.

So today, at my lovely publisher’s suggestion, I am signing on with Twitter. If any of you are on Twitter, please let me know so we can Tweet!

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