The Crazy Process of Writing

They say that the process of writing, putting words to print, is a solitary business and it is certainly a crazy business. Or rather, crazy making! I had planned for my next book to follow in proper time sequence after book two. Book two, “The Passage Home to Meuse” takes place over nine months in 1923. I assumed I would next take up book three during the period of 1936-1938 and that is where I would begin my next writings. But no, the writing for the fourth book, taking place in the years 1940-1945, is what is coming to my mind. The settings, scenes, and characters complete with dialogue are moving from my fingers to the page.

I stalled myself, somewhat linear person that I am, thinking I must STOP and first write book three. But after many periods of deep breathing while trying to meditate (“trying” being the operant word here) about the confusing situation, I knew I must just relax into the process and, once again, trust that what is coming to mind is what is meant to be written. It will figure itself out along the way.  What an interesting way to learn patience and trust.

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